Common Questions

Q: What is a Designer Wedding Experience?

A: Your Designer Wedding Experience provides all inclusive features, your proposal, engagement & bridals, boudoir and your wedding day! Enjoy a glass of champagne while we plan your experience with custom albums, wall art & décor, professional styling, and all the details in between, & enjoy compliments from our Spa Day!  We will be with you to help along this journey and ensure your wedding experience is captured flawlessly. We will go over album samples and print samples to help you design your Wall art & Décor!

Q: Where are you located? Do you travel?

A: We are based in Little Rock, AR, but traveling is a huge passion of ours! We offer special pricing for destination weddings! Give us a call and lets chat!

Q: What is the Create Your Own Experience?

A: Creating your own Designer Wedding Experience allows you to choose a custom set of coverage hours, custom wall art & décor, wedding albums, prints, engagement sessions, bridals, boudoir, and everything in between; we will design your complete experience and all the details that most importantly fit your budget.

Q: What is included in your pre-designed experiences?

A: Our Pre-designed experiences are all inclusive. Each experience includes minimum wedding day coverage of 6 hours, our Designer Wedding album with your favorite images, complimentary engagement session, and wall Art & Décor prints. See full details here!

Q: What is an Image Design & Ordering Session?

A: I love this part! Your Image Design & ordering session will happen after your session, typically two to three weeks after your lifestyle session and four to 8 weeks after your wedding. We’ll watch a custom slide show of your images and enjoy some yummy dessert! Most prefer to have this session in the comfort of their own home. Afterward I will design your album as we sort through your favorite images. I will help you design any wall art you would like to display and any additional prints.

Q: What is the Wedding Gift Registry?

A: Your Designer Wedding Gift Registry allows friends and family to purchase custom heirlooms and keepsakes for you and your soon-to-be spouse! I will help you choose what wall art, prints, or albums are most important to you that may not be included in your experience and we will create a custom page where your friends and family can go to purchase heirlooms that you have picked out as gifts. They can even put payment towards your overall Designer Wedding Experience.

Q: How do we choose locations, outfits, and props for the session?

A: Remember that planning session we will have to design your experience, well this is what we will do! I have some of my favorite locations always handy when I need them, but if you have a location in mind then I will meet you there! I will walk you through the process of designing your vision, color palettes, décor, etc… I want to bring your vision to life! If you need assistance with choosing what outfits to wear, I will walk you through this process with a custom color pallet designed to help develop your vision. People typically bring their own props to the session. So if you have something that is special to your story then bring it along!

Q: How do I book my wedding or session?

A: You can book in person or online, it’s pretty simple! For weddings we require a 25% non-refundable retainer and a signed contract to secure your date and time on our calendar. For lifestyle sessions, we require your session fee and signed contract to reserve your date and time on our calendar.